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 The shy ones are the smartest people.

Not like the noise makers.


Most shy ones aren’t really shy.

They just hide longer.

But eventually, you can see them.

Sometimes, only after you’ve slept with them.


Often, the shy ones become outspoken ones,

and finally, you must bow to their wishes.


The shy ones are just figuring you out first.

The shy ones are the clever ones in the end,

if you make it to the end to see it.


For the most part,

to the outside world,

they are - the shy ones.


The shy ones change gradually,

but you barely notice it.


Sometimes the world sees a person as a shy one.

              Everyone except you.

That just means you know this person best.


Sometimes the shy ones can yell the loudest.

Sometimes the shy ones can cheat the worst.

Sometimes the shy ones are the most evil.

Sometimes the shy ones have the best disguises.


Never believe the shy ones.

They’re not really shy, inside.



         --Published in La Fenetre


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