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Monty Versus The Bathmat (A Sonnet For My Dog)


The remnants of the carcass removed,

The jumping, biting and barking subdued.

Monty walked away after having his fun

My poor bathmat was dead, Monty had won.


This wasn’t the first mat that Monty destroyed,

It was the fifth such one I had deployed.

What about bathmats made him so annoyed?

I never did know so I consulted my Freud.


I left the door open by mistake when I left,

He soon went to work and left me bereft.

And off to the store I wearily walk,

With Monty in tow with eyes like a hawk.


As I placed the new mat he looked with a frown,

And I’m glad I’m not a bathmat when Montys around.

                         --Published Animal Antics


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