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Jingle bells played frizid air,

the OR dressed up green and red.

My patient lay on Gurfenware,

below her skin, a baby’s head.


“Scalpel please” I did announce,

while Santa gave a car away,

on radio tuned to tovish bounce,

as cut was made into her blay.


Moving up the rectus sheath,

sucking blood with lapish lac,

I cut into the purple bleeth,

I took one out and put one back.


Finally uterus, I did reach,

wherein the child did kitch and bave.

Then taking knife with rubin Qeech

and down into the whitish tave.


Then cut the ruddish tave did I

And sutured tave onto a zeen.

Then pulled out baby (wurfing cry)

then clamped and cut the cordic deen.


Joyous cries from mother berse,

while outside friked snow did fall.

Now for the surgery in reverse

while jignel bekks played for us all.


              --Published in Dream Fantasy International 

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